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Is Nepal Safe to Travel ?

Of course, this is the first thing that every traveler has to be assured of before travelling to any destinations.

Due to the political disagreement between the government and the Maoist party, Nepal had to face a difficult time for over ten years in which a lot of people lost their lives. Even in this period there was no record of any traveler being injured or killed. Tourist had never been the victims of the political unrest and the tourist numbers arriving to Nepal in that period were satisfactory.


After the cease fire and peace agreement in September 2007, it has been much safer for a tourist to travel Nepal. According to our experience, Nepal has always been a safe destination to travel. Nepalese people have a strong belief and have followed this for centuries; "Guests are Gods" and all tourists visiting Nepal are welcomed and treated with respect as gods.


While travelling there are always some safety precautions tourists should take and here we have listed some of the precautions that tourists have to take while planning their trip and while travelling in Nepal.


1. While planning and booking the trip:

  • Choose a government authorized and registered travel and trek operator to plan the trip.
  • Ask for the recent safety situation of the areas you want to visit.
  • Make sure that the company you are dealing with is officially registered and this can be checked in: ,,
  • While booking almost all companies ask for a booking deposit. Make sure that you are transferring the funds to the official account of the company.
  • Always get a receipt of the amount you have paid.


2. Upon arrival and in cities:


  • Always ask the hotel or your travel/trek agent for pickup service. Official airport taxis are also available in the airport to transfer you to the hotel.
  • Do not carry big amount of cash with you while travelling in the city. Almost all hotels have safety deposit service. ATM machines are available in most parts of the city.
  • We do not recommend staying late night in pubs and discotheque.
  • Avoid the places where demonstration and strikes are going on.
  • Register yourself with your embassy and consulates and take their advises.
  • Avoid the use of local transportation and if you have to use it be aware of pick pocketing.


3. During the tours:


  • Always take the advice of your guides.
  • Respect the local culture and wear acceptable dresses by the locals.
  • Always ask before taking pictures of people.
  • Keep your valuables with you, do not leave it unattended.


4. During treks and expeditions:


  • Do not trek alone, use government licensed guides or find trekking partners if you want to trek without the help of companies.
  • Always ask the Leader or guide appointed by the company if you are separating from the main groups to make side trips.
  • Always keep the valuables together with you. Do not leave it even in your tents and room.
  • Passports and tickets can be deposited in Kathmandu, please carry photocopies in case you need them.
  • Leave a copy of travel insurance and evacuation insurance policy with the travel/trek agent you are using.
  • Do not get involved in political talks and activities with the locals.
  • Always take the advices of your trek/climbing guide during the trek/expedition period.
  • Limit the usage of alcohol and cigarette during trek/expedition. Do not buy or use any type of drugs if someone offers you.

“Book your tour with us and we guarantee you a safe and enjoyable trip.”


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