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Updated: 19/11/2011

  • Clients: Mr Hegyi David, Mrs. Hegyi Sharon, Ms Hegyi Ivy Lee and Ms Hegyi Abbey Rose
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Address: Australian
  • Itinerary: Everest High Passes Trekking

Updated: 28/07/2011

  • Clients: Ms Naomi Doron and Mr Yohanan Doron
  • Nationality: Israel
  • Address: Israel
  • Itinerary: Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour with Rafting
Dear Narayan Poudel
How are you?. Well we are back at home after a magnificent trip. As promised, we are sending you the picture, and would like to thank you so much for the trip you have planned for us. Everything worked out just perfectly.Your service was excellent, you were very patient and helpful all the way.

When we were on the trip it everything worked out just fine. Everything was very well organized.

Thank you so much.

Best regards
Sincerely yours
Naomi and Yohanan Doron

Updated: 01/10/2011

  • Clients: Mr Valeriy Kochetov, Mr Sergey Kochetov and Ms Maria Bystrova
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Address: Russian
  • Itinerary: Nepal and Tibet Tour

Updated: 04/09/2011

  • Clients: Ms Nguyen Ivy Lien, Ms Nguyen J.D., Ms Huang Lisa, Ms Ing Thida, Mr Huynh Kheang, Mr Tan Nicholas, Mr Thai D. Phong, Mr Thai Quangluu
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Address: Australian
  • Itinerary: Nepal and Tibet Tour

Updated: 08/09/2011

  • Clients: Ms Tamara Benson, Ms Clara Mclean, Ms Y. Jeannette, MS S.P.Gloria, MS Pola Reydburd, MS Mary Healy, MS Kreger Nora and Ms Sally Caplan
  • Nationality: USA
  • Address: United States of America
  • Itinerary: Nepal and Tibet Tour
Dear Narayan and Raju,
It has been several weeks since our return to USA from our fantastic but very difficult trip to Nepal and Tibet. I cannot stop thinking about the wonderful and powerful experiences we lived in such short period of time. I know I will never forget them. It was an opportunity of a lifetime; in fact, a life transforming experience that I trust will make me a better person. I was shocked and inspired, confused and enlightened, intrigued and afraid at the same time. Now after what I lived there, I constantly ponder about my life and they way I have led it so far.

It was like being in a never-ending National Geographic program, except that we were there, in real life, witnessing and living each beautiful, miraculous, astonishing, strange and or scary moment, one stronger than the last. What an adventure!!

I cannot stress enough how wonderful all the guides are and how patient they were with this group of strong women. We thoroughly enjoyed their knowledge of architecture, geography, history, religion, traditions and everyday life in their countries; as well as their eternal and courteous assistance climbing mountains and stairs, getting us into the van, letting us rest, shopping, the list would go on and on.

It is unfortunate that I got sick in Pokhara and I felt so bad that I was unable to visit Potala Palace and some of the other monasteries in Tibet. Perhaps it means that I will go back and I want to go back but the next to five star hotels!!

Do not forget the ideas we gave you during the delightful dinners at Nepali Chulo regarding Nepali cooking classes and advertising to lose weight while walking and learning in the Himalayas. We really enjoyed your company and those delicious dinners so beautifully served. Needless to mention, the music and dancing were so entertaining and educational. The tiny cups you gave me survived the trip. They are delightful and I used every day for sake or shochu, and of course I toast to your health and the memories come back again.

It would also be very interesting if you could incorporate other cultural activities in your tours like visiting art museums and contemporary artists' studios, going to the theater. Having a little more time in Kathmandu and Lhasa to walk through their streets would be quite interesting too. All in all this was a fantastic experience, the most important of my life. On behalf of the rest of my friends I thank you for it.

Clara & Team

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